Karta Mira, the cartography students' union

updated: November 12th  '01

Karta Mira is the union of the cartography students of the University of Utrecht. Since its formation in autumn 1994, Karta Mira is concerned with cartography in the broadest sense of the word, and for some time also partly with GIS, geographical information systems. Therefore Karta Mira organises various activities, like excursions, student exchanges, lectures, presentations and drinks. And until spring 1998 Karta Mira issued with a certain irregularity the Karto Pravda, its cartographical newspaper.

Karta Mira is run by a small committee and a few other members. In fact, every cartography student at the University of Utrecht is a member of Karta Mira, but also a few enthusiastic cartographers who have already finished their studies are involved in the union's activities.

This site is the successor to an older site that disappeared in 1999 because of the crashing of the "kartoserver". The idea of this completely new site is that you are standing on a planet somewhere in the universe, looking at the world of cartography that can be mapped in various ways, and a few other planets. This site is one of the gateways to the world of cartography. The links on the left will guide you further. Although most of the contents of this site are in Dutch, there even are some English articles!

Remarks, suggestions and other fun stuff for this site or for Karta Mira in general is always welcome! You can mail it to Elger Heere or Martijn Storms.


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