Ormeling's Cartography

Ferjan Ormeling Ormeling's Cartography: Presented tot Ferjan Ormeling on the occasion of his 65th birthday and his retirement as Professor of Cartography, edited by Elger Heere en Martijn Storms. Nederlandse Geografische Studies nr. 365. Utrecht: Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap; Faculteit Geowetenschappen Universiteit Utrecht, 2007. 212 pp. ISBN 978-90-6809-407-7. Price € 20 (incl. postage). Orders and information: info@knag.nl. [voor medewerkers van de Faculteit Geowetenschappen en oud-studenten kartografie geldt een gereduceerde prijs, neem contact op met Elger Heere

This publication appears on the occasion of the 65th birthday of Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Jan Ormeling. This book consists of three parts.

The first part contains his biography. We have tried to give an impression of all the work Ferjan Ormeling has done in the field of cartography. Attention is paid to Ferjan's student years, his academic achievements, his work as teacher and researcher at Utrecht University and his contributions to various national and international organisations in the field of cartography and toponymy.

The second part of this book contains a selection of fourteen articles, which appeared in proceedings of seminars or conferences. We selected articles which we thought were still worth reading today. This selection was made with two important criteria: 1. the article has a scientific content, and 2. the article must still be valid. Some articles contain old fashioned details, for example when countries like 'Czechoslovakia', or old computer software is mentioned. But the theories mentioned in the articles are still relevant. We wanted to include articles that deal with the various disciplines Ferjan is active in: atlas cartography, cartographic education, cartographic infrastructure, toponymy and the history of cartography.
The last part is Ferjan Ormeling's bibliography. It contains no less than 432 items Ferjan published from 1968 until now.

Table of contents

Visualising an all-round cartographer: A biography of Prof.Dr. Ferjan Ormeling, by Elger Heere and Martijn Storms

The Ormeling Collection in the map collection of the Utrecht University Library, by Marco van Egmond

Ormelingen language border, by Peter van der Krogt

Articles by Ferjan Ormeling

    Atlas Cartography
  1. Traditional and digital atlas structure (1993).
  2. Atlas terminology and atlas concepts (1998).
    Cartographic Education
  3. Core concepts in cartographic communication (1992).
  4. Teaching animated cartography (1996).
  5. Map use education and geovisualisation (2004).
    Cartographic Infrastructure
  6. Environmental mapping strategies (1999).
  7. Challenges and opportunities for cartography in the digital era (2001).
  8. Minority toponyms - the Western European experience (1990).
  9. Minority toponyms on maps - Vingt ans après (2006).
  10. Exonyms (1990).
  11. Methods and possibilities for mapping by onomasticians (1993).
    History of Cartography
  12. The need for teaching the history of cartography for cartography students (1991).
  13. Colonial cartography of the Netherlands East Indies 1816-1942 (2005).
  14. The development of cartography manuals in Western Europe: Henri Zondervan (2006).
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