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Cartography section
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E-mail: f.ormeling@geog.uu.nl
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postal address: PO Box 80115, 3508TC
visiting address: Heidelberglaan 2, Utrecht, the Netherlands


International Cartographic Association

At the 19th International Cartographic Conference in Ottawa in 1999 Ferjan was elected Secretary-General and Treasurer of the International Cartographic Association (ICA). Before 1999 Ferjan was a member (since 1985) of the National and Regional Atlases Commission of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) and since 1980 of the ICA Standing Commission on Education and Training (CET) which he chaired from 1987-1999 (from 1987-1996 co-chaired by Richard Dahlberg, and from 1996-1999 by Roger Anson) . He has been (co-)organizing seminars in developing countries in order to help in the diffusion of new cartographic techniques (Rabat, Wuhan,Bangkok, Istanbul, Santiago, Bandung, La Habana) as well as a series of seminars meant to provide new material for the Basic Cartography Manual Series (Munich, Enschede, Budapest, College Park, Visegrad, Madrid, Novosibirsk, Gifu, Yakutsk, Apatity, Petropavlovsk). He has especially tried to integrate the work of CET with that of other educational commissions of the sister societies and that of other ICA commissions, such as the Commission on the History of Cartography, which has led to a series of seminars on Teaching the History of Cartography (5 to date).

As president of the Netherlands Cartographic Society he has represented his country in the general assemblies of the ICA. He has participated in ICA work since 1967 when, as a student, he was helping with the Amsterdam International Cartographic Conference.


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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kartografie / Netherlands Cartographic Society (NVK)

Ferjan has been a member of the Netherlands Cartographic Society (NVK) since 1961, member of the NVK board from 1974-1997, vice-president since 1983 and president from 1995-1997. He has chaired the NVK Education and Training Commission, been a member of the NVK Terminology Commission and the Exhibition Commission. Apart from co-editing the Netherlands cartographic journal Kartografisch Tijdschrift, he has organized many annual technical symposia and summer courses for the NVK. In 2001 he was awarded a honorary membership of NVK. In 2003 the NVK merged with other societies in the field of geosciences to form GeoInformatie Nederland (GIN).


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Utrecht University, Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Cartography Section

Since 1981 Ferjan has been in charge of the Cartography Section; since 1985 he also holds the cartography chair. As such he is responsible for the post-graduate cartography programme at Utrecht University (the only dutch language one in the Netherlands). He has taught courses in:

-atlas cartography*
-environmental mapping**
-cartographic theory*
-roots of cartography*
-map editing and compilation
-map production*

*) lecture notes available in Dutch or **)English

He is co-founder of the GIMA MSc Programme (GeoInformation Management), a joint initiative of Utrecht, Delft, Wageningen University and ITC, and has coordinated its module 2 and participated in module 6 from 2003-2007.

Research interests of Ferjan Ormeling are:

1) atlas cartography
2) toponymy
3) data quality
4) cartographic education
5) cartographic visualisation
6) cartographic infrastructure
7) media maps
8) history of cartography

In 2000 the cartography Department merged with the GIS section.


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Ferjan has been a guest lecturer at the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) at Enschede from 1973-1997. He also has been a member of the ITC Scientific Council ( 1982-2005) and still is the external examiner in cartography of ITC's Geoinformatics Department.


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United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names

Ferjan represents the Netherlands in the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN), and is convenor of the UNGEGN working group on toponymy courses. From 2000-2005 he headed its Dutch- and German speaking Division. As convenor of this WG on training courses in toponomy he has (co-)organised courses Tunisia (2007), Mozambique (2006, 2004), Vienna (2005), Malang (2005), Bathurst (2004), Khartoum (2003), Enschede (2002), Pretoria (1992, 1993), Cipanas (1987).


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Ferjan Ormeling

I teach cartography at Utrecht University, as part of BSc and MSc programmes at Utrecht University. I share in the cartographic research, which is part of the URU research school.

A distant ideal is to still be engaged in the development of electronic wall-charts. More immediate concerns are the extension of the National Atlas of the Netherlands and to assist in the development of a cartography course for the web. Together with Roger Anson (Oxford Brookes University) I have been engaged on editorial work for the ICA Basic Cartography series. With Menno-Jan Kraak I am working on a third edition of an English language textbook "Cartography , visualisation of spatial data", which now has been translated as well in Polish, Russian and Indonesian.. Together, we just finished a third edition of the dutch language cartography textboook 'Kartografie'. Apart from my research work, my favourite passtime, when at Utrecht University, is to surf through Oddens' bookmarks.


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Wall charts published by Ferjan Ormeling:

The following wall charts have been produced together with cartography students at Utrecht University:

-Electoral results for the Netherlands, 1973
-Public transportation in Utrecht City, 1977
-Distribution of Foreigners in Utrecht 1980
-Registered unemployment in the Netherlands 1981
-Urban Cyclists maps. 1985

The following wall chart has been produced independently:

-Nederlân (map of the Netherlands in the Frisian language). Leeuwarden, Frysian Academy 1986.

Work on National Atlas of the Netherlands

Ferjan has been on the editorial board of the First (1961-1980) and Second (1981-1990) edition of the National Atlas of the Netherlands (Atlas van Nederland) and is presently secretary of the Foundation for the Scientific Atlas of the Netherlands that publishes the atlas.

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